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About TCSS Ilorin

The CEM Total Child Secondary School, Ilorin is one of the network of schools established and being operated by the Children Evangelism Ministry Int’l (CEM).

CEM is an interdenominational, non-sectarian Christian missionary organization committed to the Total development and welfare of children. The Total Child Schools form part of the educational arm of the ministry known as the Sound Education Programme.

Why Choose Us?

At Total Child School


we prioritize physical well-being through sports, fitness activities, and a balanced diet, fostering strength, agility, and overall wellness


Our curriculum stimulates critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity, empowering students academically and intellectually for success


We prioritize socialization and balanced living. Through social activities, we foster strong interpersonal connections and healthy lifestyle choices.


Through spiritual teachings, we inspire students to live a Christ-centered life, embodying Christian values daily.


From Alumni and Parents

Over the years, we’ve been lucky to hear lots of kind words from both students and parents who have experienced our school firsthand.

    Victoria Yomi-Madamori
    Victoria Yomi-Madamori

    Alumni (2013)

    Starting my journey at TCS marked the beginning of an incredible path to greatness. It felt like a second home, where the love, care, and kindness I received were unforgettable.

      Ogunlowo Adedayo
      Ogunlowo Adedayo

      Alumni (2006)

      Being part of Total Child was like having a big family that cared about more than just grades. They taught us about being kind, honest, and understanding, which helped me become a better person. TCSS taught me to have faith in something bigger than myself.

        Ifeoluwa Coker
        Ifeoluwa Coker

        Alumni (2010)

        TCSS was like a garden for talents to bloom. Whether it was music, sports, or academics, there was always someone cheering us on. With great and friendly teachers and cool facilities, I got to discover what I loved doing and got better at it. It's where I found my groove and learned to shine.

          Ojumu Daniel
          Ojumu Daniel

          Alumni (2008)

          During my time at TCSS, activities like FLock group meetings, clubs and societies, family nights, and social gatherings were always special and captivating. They taught me valuable lessons that extended beyond the pages of textbooks.

            Pastor Olorunsola
            Pastor Olorunsola


            Sending my three children to Total Child was truly one of the best decisions I've ever made. When I look at them now, I can't help but feel grateful for the day I made that choice. Today, they're thriving and excelling, giving me immense peace of mind.

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            15th February, 2014

            Inter-House Sport '24

            Annual Inter-House Sport
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            SS1 Math Presentation

            Hands-on Statistical Ananlysis

            Numbers Speak

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            Record Breaking Inter-House Sport

            Records are created to be broken. Students showed improved spped in this year edition of the Interhouse sport competion. 

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