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Record breaking Sprints

Records are destined to be surpassed, and in this year’s edition of the Interhouse sports competition, students demonstrated an increase in both speed and techniques. Notably, among other outstanding performances, are:

  • Oyewale Dorcas with a Seasons Best of 15:05s (Junior Category)
  • Ezekiel Udoh with a Seasons Best of 13:10s (Junior Category)

in the 100 metres qualifiers.

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Although no one could match the Female 100m TCSS Record currently held by Omoyeni Ajayi-Biblomo (13.10s) and Male record by Adoga Divivne (11.45s), a few came close with 

  • Diadem Moses  running a Personal Best of 14:48s (Senior Category) and
  • Israel Bello (Senior Category) with a 12:05s blistering speed.

in the 100 metres Senior finals.

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Track Events


The Semifinals saw Faith house draw Goodness house with Goodness house emerging winner. Joy house also won the second semi final played against Love House to set up a tightly contested final with Goodness House. The final results:

  • 1st Place – Joy house
  • 2nd Place – Goodness house
  • 3rd Place – Faith House
  • 4th Place – Love house
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Both Boys and Girls put up excellent efforts with oustanding throws although non came close to Pleasant Adetula’s Record throw (26.5m TCSS Record). The final students on the podium were:

  • 1st Place – Emmanuel Ajayi (Faith House)
  • 2nd Place – Bello Israel (Faith House)
  • 3rd Place -Philibus Gauis (Goodness House)

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